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VolunTourism is changing, partly because it is expanding across the globe. In order to keep pace with the influx of blog posts and media coverage, which usually appears in our quarterly "VT-Lines" column in The VolunTourist Newsletter, we have created a subcription-based, publication - The VolunTourist Weekly Review.

For more than two years, The VolunTourist Weekly Review has provided research updates, unique articles, and announcements from across the globe to better inform subscribers of the shifts in trends on this ever-expanding topic. Also featured is a look at What Happened This Time Last Year - to provide greater context for the transitions in thinking and understanding of the subject.

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An Overview

Since March 2005, The VolunTourist Newsletter has served as the primary global resource on VolunTourism. A quarterly publication was adequate for the demands of this growing segment of travel in those early years, but that has all changed now. Today, there is a sufficient and growing amount of material being produced to necessitate publishing information with greater frequency.

Following on the heels of the Global Economic Meltdown and the natural disasters of the last several years - China, Pakistan, Myanmar, Haiti, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, VolunTourism is receiving more recognition than ever before, and at a global level, no less. Because of this, VolunTourism.org offers The VolunTourist Weekly Review to serve this growing demand.

For the past two years, The VolunTourist Weekly Review has featured such things as:

  • Global Headlines
  • Academic Journal Updates
  • Internships & Career Opportunities
  • An Occasional Survey & Results
  • VolunTourism.org News & Notes
  • Publications - Books, Research Papers, Etc.
  • Other Items of Interest

The VolunTourist Weekly Review is a subscription-based publication; thus, all who are interested in receiving it will need to subscribe. To do so, please click here>>>