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Welcome Potential VolunTourists

This may be the first time that you have ever considered combining travel and service. Prior to this you may have been unsure that these two experiences, and the joy and fulfillment associated with them, could be synergized and harmoniously blended into one consumable opportunity. VolunTourism represents the blending of your favorite passions and, perhaps, pastimes.

History, culture, geography, environment, and the recreation of exploration meet the inspiration of your voluntary efforts in serving a destination and its residents. Body, mind, and soul respond to the awakening of thoughts, feelings, emotions, via a labor of gratitude that is offered as a part of your overall itinerary.

VolunTourism provides you with perspective and balance. You are able to utilize your “six” senses and interact with your destination in ways that had previously existed beyond your capacity of expectation. This is travel that unites your purpose and passion and ignites your enthusiasm in ways unimaginable.



Getting Started

It is recommended that you do three things in order to determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for VolunTourism and vice versa. Getting Started >>>

Program Selection

How exactly are you planning to make a decision if there are roughly 10,000 options around the world from which to choose? Selecting A Program >>>

Trip Preparation

If you have made a selection of a VT Program that works for you and are about to become a VolunTourist, do you want to do anything before you go? Preparing For Your Trip >>>

Processing Experiences

How will you cope with the onslaught of sensory and emotional overload that can accompany VolunTourism Trips? Don't leave home without knowing how to Process Your Trip>>>


Now what? You're back in the place you call home. Does it feel the same? Do you feel the same? Will you ever be able to re-enter the life you once knew? Post-Trip >>>

Future Participation

Now that you have experiential wisdom & insight from your latest trip, add it to your "personal toolbox." This will assist you in determining what you will do in planning for a Future Trip >>>

Additional Resources From VolunTourism.org

If you are looking for additional resources to support you throughout your VolunTourism process, you may want to consider reading through The VolunTourism.org Blog. The posts offered are in direct response to questions from others who are contemplating a voluntour in their future.

For those who appreciate podcasts, you may wish to listen to some past episodes of The VolunTourist Webcast. Use the widget to the right to select any or all of the following:

  • Is VolunTourism Ready For Giving Circles? - ever wondered how you might approach giving money to a project that you want to support after you leave a destination? - - Listen Now>>>
  • Conveying The VolunTourism Experience - listen to three former voluntourists describe their experiences and how they have conveyed them to others via their writing/blogging - - Listen Now>>>
  • The Kugler Family & VolunTourism - listen to three members of the Kugler Family discuss their trip to South Africa - - Listen Now>>>
  • Immersion Traveler & VolunTourism or Travel Therapy & VolunTourism - if you like books, Sheryl Kayne and Karen Schaler share snippets from their experiences that inspired Best Immersion Travel USA and Travel Therapy: Where Do You Need To Go? - - Listen to Sheryl Kayne Now>>> OR Listen to Karen Schaler Now>>>
  • Ladies of Westfield & VolunTourism - listen to three professional women discuss their voluntour from start-to-finish - - Listen Now>>>
  • GoLiveGive.com & VolunTourism - listen to the words of two young women who created short featurettes about "green" voluntourism - - Listen Now>>>

Here are some articles from The VolunTourist Newsletter Archives that you may want to consider perusing:

Other Available Sources

For those looking for additional thoughts, insight, and wisdom on this subject, you may want to review the work & writings of the following folks:

Christina Heyniger, Xola Consulting
  • Anna Etmanska - If you are on a tight budget and want to take the "Do-It-Yourself" approach to planning your voluntour, then Anna can give you some pointers via her Budget Trouble Blog. Also, Anna is set to release a book on voluntourism, published by Duffie Books, sometime in 2009.
  • Christina Heyniger - Christina, Founder of Xola Consulting and Travel Off The Radar, inked an article for Brave New Traveler in which she also delivers a step-by-step approach to selecting a Voluntourism experience. A good read for those who really want to focus on responsibility and sustainability.
  • Karen Foerstel - Karen is a writer presently living in London. For a period of time she ran the Volunteer Beat: Opportunities And Adventures In Voluntourism. Prior to the Meltdown, she provided regular articles on a variety of subjects as it pertains to traveling and volunteering abroad.

Use the information contained in this section of the web site to give yourself a chance to explore the process of planning your VolunTourism experience from start, to finish, and beyond. If you find it helpful, please let us know.

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