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VolunTourism Got You Curious, Too?

If the answer is yes, well, you have made it to the right spot in the Virtual Universe.

This word is getting quite a bit of press and recognition throughout the world, but what is it really?


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Voluntourism, with the small "t," was first used, in the tourism industry, by the folks at the Nevada Board of Tourism back in 1998 to recognize individuals in the state of Nevada that "volunteered" to support "tourism." Thus, the Governor of Nevada created the "Voluntourism" Award to recognize the fine efforts of great residents who wanted to spend their hours of service making Nevada a place to visit and enjoy.

Two years later, when a small cadre of cause marketing guys thought it would be a good idea to combine the nonprofit sector and the tourism sector, the term "VolunTourism" was created. Not only did the word signify a departure from the term used in the state of Nevada, but it demonstrated the importance of emphasizing both elements - voluntary service AND tourism through unique journeys called "VolunTours™."

This section of the Web site is dedicated to supporting you in discovering more about VolunTourism as it appears in print, broadcast media, and online. The resources listed here represent only a sampling of what is in cyberspace and beyond, but it will hopefully shed some light on a subject that is gaining recognition and practitioners alike in all corners of the world!

By using the "Quick Links" offered below, you will be able to navigate through the variety of resources available. If you have questions or comments, would like to see additional resources listed that do not appear in these sections, or think that something should be omitted once you have had a chance to review it more carefully, please contact us.


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