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David Clemmons Founder of VolunTourism.org


VolunTourism is one of the hottest topics in the travel industry today. But where do you begin to craft a story? How can you ink something that is 'cutting edge' - truly unique in the context of a burgeoning approach to uniting age-old traditions of voluntary service and travel & tourism? And how will you convince an editor that this topic needs to be covered, yet again, in the face of a fully-saturated marketplace?

Academic Research on VolunTourism is growing as well. You can easily discover some of the latest research through the Research Forum or subscribe to The VolunTourist Weekly Review which provides regular research updates.

FYI: David Clemmons, Founder of VolunTourism.org, is currently residing in Amman, Jordan. He is working with the Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association (JITOA.org) and its members to develop VolunTourism Jordan. He can be reached by email and via Skype only: thevoluntourist


Looking for research or quotes for a story?

Nancy McGehee, PhD., Virginia Tech University

Dr. Nancy McGehee of Virginia Tech University is our resident expert on VolunTourism Research. She has compiled a series of research papers that have been featured in The VolunTourist Newsletter over the last five years. Topics have ranged from motivations behind why VolunTourists travel in this way to how residents are responding to visitors spending time in their communities in order to lend a hand.

To read more of what Dr. McGehee has reviewed from academics around the world, visit the VolunTourism.org Research Forum>>>


On Deadline? VolunTourism.org has answers to your questions regarding VolunTourism.

If you are writing an article, preparing a television broadcast, hosting a radio talk show, or just plain curious about VolunTourism, this website is an excellent resource for compiling the background information that you need to craft any story.

Since 2000, David Clemmons, the Founder of VolunTourism.org, has helped to shape this industry in many different ways. He regularly posts entries to The VolunTourism.org Blog, publishes The VolunTourist Weekly Review and The VolunTourist Newsletter (quarterly), and continually scours the globe for unique VolunTourism Adventures, and the people behind them, to share with visitors to VolunTourism.org.

If you are seeking more than statistics, then visit the Resources section of this web site. There you will find articles, blogs, research papers, documentaries, books, and podcasts on the subject of VolunTourism and related topics.

If you would like to know more about VolunTourism or VolunTourism.org, review the Inside VolunTourism.org section of this web site. There you will find information on the History of VolunTourism, About VT, VT's "Parent", the VT Network, the VT Team, our Advisory Council, answers to FAQs, and our Vision for the future.


VolunTourism In The Classroom

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Main Media Contact

David Clemmons
Founder, VolunTourism.org
Skype: thevoluntourist

Please Note: David Clemmons is currently living in Amman, Jordan, working on VolunTourism Jordan with JITOA.org. For voice contact, you will need to use Skype.

Supporting Entities & Their Representatives

The following organizations and their representatives supply advisory, financial, and/or technical support to VolunTourism.org

Elisa Sabatini
Executive Director, Via International
619.954.3873 / 619.426.6664 (fax)

Nancy McGehee, PhD
Research Forum - The VolunTourist Newsletter, Virginia Tech University

Luc Lapointe
Strategic Alliances & Business Development, Connexion Internationale
Skype: luckyluc613

Jan Jones, PhD
Research, Articles, and Presentations, Southern Connecticut State University

Nola Kelsey
Supply Chain - "The VolunTourist" Newsletter, The Voluntary Traveler

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