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What Is VolunTourism?

In the broadest sense, Voluntourism represents voluntary service experiences that include travel to a destination in order to realize one's service intentions.

In a more refined and balanced approach, Volun-Tourism is the integrated combination of voluntary service to a destination with the traditional elements of travel and tourism - arts, culture, geography, history, and recreation - while in the destination.

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Our Mission

At VolunTourism.org, our mission is quite simple: To Educate, To Empower, and To Engage.

To Educate
This is our primary function - a responsibility we take very seriously. For those who want to learn more about VolunTourism, we produce a weekly webcast, a quarterly newsletter, and provide global education opportunities.

To Empower
For Destinations, Operators, Suppliers, Nonprofits/NGOs, and Corporations that want to develop their own VolunTourism programs, we offer training to support this process. We also support Travelers in conducting their due diligence in identifying potential programs which incorporate many of their personal goals & objectives and desires in relation to their trip.

To Engage
For Travelers who want to experience VolunTourism, we offer you suggestions on how to make the most of your adventure - before, during, and after your journey. We also assist entities in strengthening relationships with collaborating organizations and those that provide the required services to meet fulfillment for all stakeholders.


Volunteers in Mexico
Photo Courtesy Of Robert Kolesar, All Rights Reserved

In this section you will find all of the information regarding VolunTourism as it relates to the past, present and future of this emerging travel industry segment.

For the history buffs, you will find a summary of how VolunTourism has come into the tourism & nonprofit industry vernacular.

For the current events folks, you will find information on Via International, the "Parent," behind VolunTourism.org and the organization's impetus for creating a Subsidiary ( in this case, VolunTourism.org) to focus specifically on the education, empowerment, and engagement aspects of VolunTourism for all stakeholder groups. Meet our team, members of the Advisory Council, and the VT Network, or review some FAQ's on VolunTourism and VolunTourism.org.

For the futurists, we are offering a look at the next five years of VolunTourism.org through our Strategic Plan.

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