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David Clemmons

From The Founder

Greeetings from Torotoro, Bolivia! And welcome to VolunTourism.org - - THE Resource On All Things VolunTourism!

I hope you enjoy your visit to the website; and if you are ever in this part of the world, give a call or send an email and we'll spend some time chatting about service and travel.

David Clemmons, Founder, VolunTourism.org
From The Founder


VolunTourism.org has been designed and created as a public service to all those who find the idea of combining voluntary service and travel sufficiently compelling enough to do something about it. Whether you were in the U.S. Peace Corps, served a stint with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), established a love affair with a remarkable group of people in a remote locale, think that your company should be more socially responsible, or just feel that VolunTourism IS the right thing to do, this website belongs to you and is filled with information to help you realize that:

  • YOU are NOT alone
  • There are resources and individuals to support YOU in your quest
  • A foundation of knowledge and understanding CAN make a difference

Website Feature:

Quick Links

Throughout this website you will find a unique feature that is meant to assist you in your navigation amongst hundreds of pages of information. In each main section - Resources, VolunTourism Trips, Traveler, Inside VolunTourism.org, and Global Education - you will find Quick Links that are meant to guide you from one location to another within that main section.

Additional Resources:

The VolunTourist Webcast

In August of 2007, I decided it was time to venture into the world of podcasting in order to provide an alternative media for folks to absorb VolunTourism. Reading can sometimes be tedious and not everyone can travel to a conference. Thus, I created The VolunTourist Webcast as a new resource for those interested in assimilating some of the nuances of this travel genre. You will find these webcasts to be an invaluable resource. Yes, they are 60-minutes in length; but what is sixty minutes if it can save you many, many days of searching in less-than-reliable directions.

Plus, you have the enviable opportunity of hearing other folks discuss this topic. You can hear their perspectives - how they became connected to VolunTourism - and you can listen "live" or at your leisure via computer or ipod, in your car, or sitting in your favorite chair with a beverage of choice. Give a listen and discover how others' stories can motivate you to take the VT plunge!


Photo Courtesy Of Margaret Jaworski, All Rights Reserved

Thank you for taking the time to visit VolunTourism.org. I invite you to explore with me and my team what I feel is one of the most exciting, developing stories of the 21st Century - the combination of two of the world's largest industries, voluntary service and travel & tourism, i.e. VolunTourism!

We are far from formalizing nuptial rights between these two juggernauts, of course. But, even the thought that the world's largest commercial employer (more than 10% of the world's population is employed through tourism) and the world's largest social service endeavor, volunteerism, could collaborate, is noteworthy. It sets a precedent that any industry within the business community could follow a similar track in connecting with a cause or issue to enhance the lives of people and our environment.

This Web site belongs to you! Tell us how we can improve it to better serve your needs as you begin to discover the breadth and depth of VolunTourism as it pertains to you personally: your community, your business, your nonprofit, or your destination. We encourage you to look through the hundreds of pages of information that have been provided here in an effort to support your understanding of a concept that is truly in its infancy.

We are here to serve you. Please do not hesitate to call on us with your questions and comments regarding VolunTourism.org and what is presented here. We hope that you will continue to visit us through the months and years ahead as we strive to uncover the potential of VolunTourism lying hidden in the world around us.


David L. Clemmons, Founder, VolunTourism.org

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Talk about a train ride changing your life!

On 27 June, 2000, Mr. Brian Hawkins and I were riding on the train from San Diego, CA to our homes in Carlsbad and Cardiff By the Sea respectively.

We had spent the afternoon talking about this idea that had been brewing in my mind for a few days. "I keep thinking that people will want to give back when they travel. Somehow they will want to serve people or places within the destinations they visit, even if it's just a little while."

Brian was my boss at the time and a marketing genius who had graduated from Thunderbird University with an MBA. His appreciation for global travel and service - we were both on the Board of Kids Korps USA - was an instant selling point for him.

He looked across the table at which we were sitting and he said these words which I will never, ever forget: "You know what this is... this is Voluntours!"

The tears began streaming down my face, embarrassing Mr. Brian, of course, but for me it was an epiphany. Instantly, I knew my life's course for many years to come...