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Education = Our Primary Mission

VolunTourism is one of the fastest growing trends in the travel industry. But what else do we know about it?

Do we know, for example, how to establish a VolunTourism program that honors the development of communities, their sustainability and longevity? No, of course not. We can strive for such an objective, but it could take years before one could even come close to perfecting such a VolunTourism model. And, no, we do not want to sit by idly awaiting our thought processes to cultivate the capacity to do so either.

Yet, we want to honor communities and their residents, VolunTourists, tour operators, suppliers, destinations, and everyone else that has a stake in the outcome of VolunTourism initiatives.

So where do we start to educate ourselves?


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Coming Soon: TheVolunTourist.org - Q1 2009!

Global Education Home

The VolunTourism.org Blog
The VolunTourist Webcast
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Global Education Home

Some Opportunities

Not everyone learns at the same pace, nor in the same manner. Obviously, this website serves as an educational and awareness-building element in assisting folks in becoming more familiar with VolunTourism and its many facets; but we realize it is not enough.

In addition, we are currently offering and/or designing the following options:


Tuesdays 10am ET/7am PT

To discover more about a particular educational opportunity, we have created specific sections in the "Quick Links" box above. The information on the VolunTourism Coursese can be found directly on the UCSD web site.

Some of you will prefer to review The VolunTourist newsletter or the newsletter Archives. But for those who prefer the auricular approach, face-to-face interaction and/or hands-on opportunities, the above list provides you with such options.

On The Horizon: TheVolunTourist.org

We are very pleased to announce that in the First Quarter of 2009, a new website will be launched to offer an even greater array of educational materials. It will feature publications, articles, additional webcasts, videos, and, most exciting of all, online forums. TheVolunTourist.org will be the "Home of THE VolunTourism Community." VolunTourists will be able to interact with other VolunTourists. VolunTourism Stakeholders from throughout the "industry" will be able to communicate with one another. And Educators will be able to share VolunTourism research and grant opportunities in a unique setting designed specifically to serve each group.

As a member site, it will have "free" membership options and "paid" membership options. "Free" memberships will come with access to forums. Paid memberships will allow access to forums, articles, all webcasts, and some videos. Both groups will have the opportunity to purchase publications and other items with "paid" members receiving discounts for some of these.

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